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Application of Titanium
Aug 28, 2017

Titanium is a chemical element. Its chemical symbol is Ti; atomic number is 22.characterized by light weight, high strength, with metallic luster, good corrosion resistance. It is a silver-white transition metal. Titanium has good resistance properties on high temperature, low temperature, anti-acid, and anti-alkali. It is a kind of metal that with superior stable properties of high strength and low-density. Hardness of titanium is similar to steel, However, its weight just is half lighter than steel. Although titanium is a little bit heavier than aluminum, whereas its hardness is double times harder compare with aluminum alloys. Titanium alloys mostly been used in aerospace industry, it is also known as the "Space Metal." 

Application Industry of Titanium: 
(1) Aviation industry: Mainly used in aircraft engines, frame landing gear and so on. 
(2) Chemical industry areas: Chemical corrosion-resistant reactors, electrolytic iron anode and cathode plates of titanium, oxygen cooling heat exchangers and other chemical instruments. 
(3) Mechanical industry: steam turbine generator, turbine blades, oil drilling equipment and under-sea pipelines etc.
(4) Car Industry: engine valves, bearings, valve springs, connecting rods, fasteners and so on. 
(5) Sports leisure goods: titanium tennis racket, badminton racket, golf heads and clubs, ski pole, ice skates, diving suit, and fishing rod etc. 

With the technological development and industrial progress, titanium has gradually replaced special steel in high-end area. Its role of playing a unique performance advantages is more and more important.